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Failed Feedback: Barriers to Behaviour Change

Why does feedback fail? As I’ve discussed previously, learning (or behaviour change) is a feedback process. According to Sterman (1), there are two important requirements that must be met in order for learning (behaviour change) to be successful. First, the … Continue reading

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Mental Models of Obesity

Previously I suggested that in order for health behaviour change to be successful, we not only need to alter the decisions we make, but that we also need to modify the habits, routines, interpretations, and attributions that we base these … Continue reading

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Leveraging feedback to improve healthy food & beverage choices

Energy-dense foods purchased outside the home are an important contributor to the obesity epidemic facing our society. Can public health interventions that target the point of purchase help support individuals making healthy choices? A recent paper by Thorndike et al … Continue reading

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Notes from TOS 2011 (Part 2): Food Industry

Food Industry: Friend or Foe? My apologies for the delay in resuming regular posting, and sharing more of my experiences from TOS. I also attended the pre-conference session “Food Industry Outreach— Strategies the Food Industry Is Using to Address Obesity. … Continue reading

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