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Improving healthy food & beverage choices through choice architecture

In my previous blog post, I discussed a study by Thorndike et al that looked at how both labeling healthy and unhealthy food choices with colour codes affected the purchase of healthy foods and beverages (1). The previous post focused … Continue reading

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Leveraging feedback to improve healthy food & beverage choices

Energy-dense foods purchased outside the home are an important contributor to the obesity epidemic facing our society. Can public health interventions that target the point of purchase help support individuals making healthy choices? A recent paper by Thorndike et al … Continue reading

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Is it possible to optimize support for making healthy decisions? Part 1

What factors govern the daily decisions we make about food, exercise, and other health behaviours? As my colleague Megan noted in a recent post on Behavioural Economics on her blog Verdant Nation, “our choices arise from opportunities or barriers that … Continue reading

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What’s most helpful for improving performance – precise or vague information?

How precise does feedback need to be in order to support behaviour change? Most of us prefer exact information and are adverse to ambiguity (1), but absolute values may not be as successful for supporting behaviour change as one might … Continue reading

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