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What’s your weight loss “style”? The role of heterogeneity in weight management

A new perspective on data from the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) by Ogden et al. (2012) (1) suggests that individuals who successfully maintain weight loss fall into four distinct categories, each with unique characteristics. This is an essential step … Continue reading

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How do life events affect body weight? Part 2

In my previous blog post, I discussed a paper by Ogden and Hills (1) that explores individuals’ perceived triggers of behaviour change and the factors that contribute to maintaining behaviour change over time. But a number of questions remain: are … Continue reading

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Small planned steps or a quantum leap?

How do you change your behaviours? Do you meticulously plan, set goals, and take small steps, or do you just “do it”? A commenter on my previous blog post examining iPhone apps for smoking cessation noted that the “the most … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the National Obesity Summit

I recently attended the National Obesity Summit in Montreal, organized by the Canadian Obesity Network. The conference was well-organized with a great line-up of excellent speakers; it was often hard to choose between sessions.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to … Continue reading

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