Friday Feedback Favourites

Each Friday, I share a collection of stories, research, or other news and notes related to the role of feedback in complex systems that catch my attention during the previous week. Most of these I share on twitter when I first read about them; if you have a twitter account, feel free to follow me. If you’re not on twitter, I hope that you enjoy this selection of my favourites; links are provided so you can explore each one fully.

Here are this week’s favourites:

  • What motivates you to work harder and be more productive? This blog post from Why We Reason explores how misguided incentives negatively affect productivity and well-being, suggesting that its not money we respond best to, and recommends strategies that help us capture “flow”, the ability to work in the zone.
  • Dan Ariely’s first TED Talk was recorded in 2008 and highlights the irrational side of behaviour. This “predictable irrationality” is an area that still remains to be addressed when looking at supporting behaviour change.

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