Friday Feedback Favourites

Each Friday, I share a collection of stories, research, or other news and notes related to the role of feedback in complex systems that catch my attention during the previous week. Most of these I share on twitter when I first read about them; if you have a twitter account, feel free to follow me. If you’re not on twitter, I hope that you enjoy this selection of my favourites; links are provided so you can explore each one fully.

Here are this week’s favourites:

1) How to reduce food waste from the school cafeteria? Get rid of the trays.

2) Recently the US launched, MyPlate, a “simpler” message replacing the Food Pyramid in promoting healthy eating. But will this new icon provide the feedback individuals need to make healthier food choices? While yes, the message is simpler, it usefulness may be quite limited. For a closer look at its shortcomings and what it fails to address, I highly recommend the following discussions:

Image from Flickr by John Lester.

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