Friday Feedback Favourites

Starting today, each Friday, I’ll be posting a collection of stories, research, or other news and notes related to the role of feedback in complex systems that catch my attention during the previous week. Many of these I share on twitter when I first read about them; if you have a twitter account, feel free to follow me. If you’re not on twitter, I hope that you enjoy this selection of my favourites; links are provided so you can explore each one fully.

I also must confess, my new-found inspiration is not all my own, but inspired by Travis’s excellent post on Science of Blogging: Weekend Roundups – An Easy Way to Help Your Readers.

Here are this weeks favourites:

  • Visualizing the Threat Posed by Antibiotic Resistance: an excellent post by John Lumpkin and Ramanan Laxminarayan on the Health Care Blog. They discuss a new tool, Resistance Map, developed by researchers at Extending the Cure that allows researchers and policy makers to visually track the spread of antibiotic resistance infections over both time and locale. Can this tool help inform the development of new approaches to drug resistance?
  • The Copenhagen Wheel: Not only does this invention from the SENSEable City Lab at MIT transform your ordinary bicycle into an assisted hybrid that captures energy from cycling and braking, it contains various sensors that collect information about your environment as you cycle. Could the data on carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, routes, etc… collected by the sensors serve as feedback to city planners to improve cycling support and infrastructure in cities?
  • West House: A home that’s designed to produce more energy than it consumes! This 610-square-foot sustainable living home made its debut at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and is now now located in East Vancouver.  Its first tenants have just moved in and can track and adjust their energy consumption using their smart phone. This is another great example of creating a new feedback loop that supports behaviour change.
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